Political Knowledge


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Involving different interpreters belonging to the associative, cultural, educational, entrepreneurial and political world to create a more holistic approach in the Institutions.

Political Knowledge emerges as an opportunity for meeting and dialogue to bring a more holistic approach into institutions. We aim to create windows of exchange with professionals who come from worlds that institutions often find difficult to engage with. The reason for this distance often lies in the fact that these fields are more deeply rooted in reality, on the ground, in the territories, immersed in everyday problems. Involving them, therefore, means bringing more concreteness into the debate.

For example, in the opening event, professionals from the digital and artificial intelligence sectors engage in dialogue with archivists and the world of art: this leads to points of reflection that politics could delve into.

The intention is certainly to gather the demands of these stakeholders, but also to empower them by emphasizing the importance of their political commitment. We want to thus initiate a collaboration that will have virtuous social repercussions.


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