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  • The inalienable rights of freedom and equality that belong to every human being.
  • Equality of opportunity, treatment, and rights among all gender identities.
  • All video and photographic content from our initiatives.
  • Institutions and Politics, while striving to be increasingly efficient and to play a supportive role in citizens' lives, bear the great responsibility of guiding society.
  • Initiatives and suggestions to build new models for a conscious and inclusive society.


  • Artistic expressions closely connected with urban life.

  • All events we have organized.
  • Artists involved in our initiatives.
  • Projects to be replicated.
  • Institutions and Politics have the responsibility of guiding society.
  • Trends and innovations contributing to the creation of new digital ecosystems.
  • All speakers from our initiatives.
  • The art of words, storytelling, and narration.
  • Paintings as narrative tools indicating new directions and interpretations of reality.
  • All photos from our initiatives.
  • All videos from our initiatives.
  • Education as a tool to experiment with new spaces of sharing and dialogue.
  • New frontiers related to the latest digital advancements and the associated challenges.
  • The convergence of visions, thoughts, and experiences from different, often distant, backgrounds.
  • Attention to past events as foundations for building the future.