Event Multimedia - Political Knowledge

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Involving different interpreters belonging to the associative, cultural, educational, entrepreneurial and political world to create a more holistic approach in the Institutions.

Event Highlights

Addressing a current topic like artificial intelligence in an unusual manner: a characteristic of politics is also the ability to connect the dots in an increasingly self-referential context.


A reflection on the emphasis given to certain pieces of information and the effects they can have on people.


Connecting the three worlds of archiving, art, and artificial intelligence to chart a path that allows for building a collective sensitivity more attentive to details.


Collective memory, seen through the inspiration of the artist, becomes increasingly dry and essential. An example of this is represented by stumbling stones, small monuments that can be found in various European cities.


Artists of the early twentieth century sought to revolutionize the canons of art in the quest to impact the viewer. A practice perhaps characteristic of its time, after all, and today somewhat limiting.


"Creative machines" powered by artificial intelligence are already present: we are facing a creative industrial revolution that can lead to social consequences.


Will artificial intelligence lead to the end of painting? Drawing a parallel with the advent of photography, probably not. The world of art is constantly evolving, and revolutions in the surrounding context accelerate this process.


Humanity can confront the changes brought about by the advent of AI, maintaining its characteristic creativity through the modulation of questions posed to algorithms.


"Understanding does not mean justifying." A fundamental concept, but one that in today's society is nullified by communication that is increasingly less focused on mutual listening.


A peculiar era in which machines become advisors. It is the task of human beings to learn to communicate with these machines, making them tools and not substitutes for human activity.


The hope is for a political world that takes on the responsibility of interpreting and understanding reality in order to propose concrete solutions to current problems. The contribution of everyone is necessary.