Echoes from the Past, Visions for the Future


A Political Knowledge Event

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Political Knowledge was born as an opportunity for meeting and debate to make the world of art, the gatekeepers of memory and the communication experts in the digital world dialogue concretely with the intention of realising a shared vision and planning.

Art is able to create suggestions that help the authentic understanding of reality. However, if it is deprived of its political dimension, its value is lost and it is transformed into a moment of mere consumption. 

Let's take the AI instead: its value is profound in the ability to solve problems by enabling systems to understand the environment. In this sense it opens up new artistic frontiers, but what happens if you put it in competition with creatives by discouraging the political dimension of art?

Finally, there are the archives: their purpose is to preserve historical memory through the enhancement of authentic documents and their renewal achieved thanks to digitization contributes in an essential way to the preservation of cultural heritage.

But what happens when AI draws indiscriminately from the web, making the daily knowledge shared by the masses rise to absolute truth?

We will try to find points of contact starting from these contradictions with Felice Ardito artist, Micaela Procaccia president of the "Italian National Archives Association" ANAI and Matteo Flora entrepreneur and communicator.

Program and Speakers

Tuesday 4 July 2023 at 17.00

European Parliament, Brussels - ASP 5G1

The Children’s Crusade
Meeting for children and families 


Felice Ardito – Artist

Alfonso Pio Cipriano – High School Teacher


Thursday 6 July 2023 at 15.30

European Parliament, Brussels - ASP 1E2 and Live Streaming (link here in the next days) 

Echoes from the past, visions for the future
conference on art, memory and innovation 


Felice Ardito – Artist

Micaela Procaccia – President of "Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana" (ANAI)

Matteo Flora – Teacher of Corporate Reputation, Entrepreneur and Communicator

Video contribution by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, author of "La part de l'autre"

Interpretation service: EN, IT


Thursday 6 July 2023 at 18.00

Domenica - Cucina popolare, Rue de Trèves 40, Brussels

Live music 

Riso, Patate’n Folk

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